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Classic: Cats of Morocco

Yes. This is a classic post of a classic photography photoessay of one classic backpacking budget travel in Morocco.

"When in Rome, do what the Romans do" they say.

When I was preparing for a visit in Morocco, of course, I did some location scouting online. Googling the famous spots, checking the sun location, and the possibility of the sunrises and sunsets of some locations, checking the time of the sunsets and sunrises you started to follow an interesting pattern of similar or same motives, photographers, travelers, and influencers are following while publishing photographs online. Everyone is taking photographs of the locals, walking in the vivid streets of Chefchouen. Everyone wants to take a blue hour shot of the Jamaa el Fna in Marakesh. Everyone wants to visit the smelly tannery in Fes. Everyone wants to get lost in the magical medinas and souqs of the old kasbahs and towns. Impressive photos of Hasan's mosque in Casablanca are there. Lonely fishermen cities, sand dunes of Merzouga and camel rides are on the top of the list of searches. So, you go to Morocco and you photograph this places. Susan Sontag says that everything was already photographed, so you photograph nothing new, but you want to try to photograph it in your angle. And when you visit the locations, mentioned above, you photograph them, and after, start to look for the alternatives. And you realise that all spots and places have something in common:

Cats. Cats all over the place. Here are mine.

Cats of Morocco

Cats of Morocco