10 days

Iran or Persia is one of the most unique countries in the world. It's beauty and vast landscapes are among the best undiscovered photographic potentials in the world. The friendliness of the people is among the most hospitable people in the whole world. The tradition, rich history and architecture are breathtaking and photogenic.

Iran is one of the most underrated countries in the world on behalf of the reports of the western media. The reality is opposite. This country and it's people deserve our visit and when they put you in the center of their lives, you can see deep in the soul of the Persian tradition. Discover the mythical Persia with us and break all the stereotypes about the country and the people during the expedition photography tour in this amazing country. I promise, it will impress you and will change your way of thinking.

Ali checking the clients photos
Ali checking the clients photos

Photo check during the photography session in Iran

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Sheikh Lotfallah mosque
Sheikh Lotfallah mosque

Queen's mosque in Esfahan

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Grave of Darius the First
Grave of Darius the First

Grave in the plain of Persepolis

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Ali checking the clients photos
Ali checking the clients photos

Photo check during the photography session in Iran

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Instructors: Nejc Trpin, Leni Ozis & Ali Sheibani

Tuition: 3500 EUR

Deposit: 890 EUR

Price includes: tuition, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, transportation, entry fees, parking fees, water.

Price excludes: Airfares and visas

Group size: 8 people

Level: Intermediate and Advanced

Fitness level: Normal to Moderate

Starting and ending point: Tehran and Shiraz


  • Imam Square in Esfahan

  • Persepolis - one of the capitals of an Ancient World

  • Pink Mosque in Shiraz

  • The desert city of Yazd

  • Dunes of Dasht-e Lut

  • The view of Tehran

  • Expedition way of travelling

  • Experienced guides and pro photographers

  • 4 wd cars for transportation

  • Camping under million stars


Milad tower

Day 1:

Arrival to Tehran, pickup at the airport or hotels and welcome dinner in one of the Tehran's downtowon restaurants. Easy and relaxed evening. For the beggining, we will visit Milad tower for the sunset panorama of the city. Traditional dinner in one of the restaurants in the city. Overnight in the hotel in Tehran.


Day 2:

Morning and breakfast at the hotel in Tehran. Departure towards Polour and further to the Lar National park where we will experience the best view on the mountain of Damavand, the highest peak in the country. This volcanic mountain is higher than all the mountains in the surrounding and it is really standing out in the Alborz mountains. We will walk around the Lar dam lake and find the best viewpoint for the sunset with the view on the mighty Damavand. Overnight in Guesthouse in Lar National Park.

Village of Palangan

Day 3:

Early morning with the sunrise shot of Damavand peak from one of the viepoints next to Lar dam lake. Return to breakfast in the Guesthouse and departure back to Tehran. Afternoon flight to Kermanshah and visiting Takht-e Bostan, famous UNESCO carvings in the mountain. Dinner in Kermanshah and overnight in the hotel in the city.

Palangan, Iran

Day 4:

In the morning, we drive to the wild Kurdistan. We visit one of the most beautiful and charming villages of the Kurdish people - Palangan. In the middle of the mountains, hidden to the human eyes, there is a village which is lost in time. People live here the same as they did in the past. No roads, no internet, no grocery. Farming and living simple life is what they do. We walk in the village where the time has stopped and see how locals are living. For the lunch, we try traditional Kurdish trout. In the late afternoon we drive back to Kermanshah.  Overnight in Kermanshah.

Imam's mosque in Esfahan

Day 5:


Early morning we leave Kermanshah and drive to Uraman Takht. Long drive with photo stops and breaks to the village near Iraqi border. The village of Uraman Takht is probably the most picturesque village in this part of the world. We will find the best places to photograph and stay overnight in the village in one of the homestays. Overnight in Uraman Takht.

Sheikh Lotfallah in Esfahan

Day 6:

Morning session in Uraman Takht.

Yazd, Iran

Sunrise session at Khaju bridge, one of the entrances to the city for the travelers of the Silk roads. Shah Abbas used this bridge as his personal resting place next to calm Zayandeh river. In the evening the local people like to sing under the arches as the construction allows amazing acoustics. After breakfast we visit the city - palace of the 40 pillars, King's palace, Sheik Lotfallah mosque and Imam's mosque. Free time for visiting one of the best bazaars in the country. Try your skills of bargaining. Evening photo session on the main square to capture the best what Iran has to show! Dinner and overnight in Esfahan.

Amir Chaqmak in Yazd

Day 9:

Late morning in Esfahan. Departure towards the desert of Dasht-e Kavir. On the way we stop in the lovely town of Meybod, where we can see some pearls of the medieval architecture and local knowledge as we can see the ice house, caravanserai and the pigeon house which is an experience for itself. Afternoon arrival to Yazd. Yazd is famous for it's old, persian time religion called the "zoroastrian". It is also an UNESCO protected city center for it's unique desert architecture. We will wait for the sunset and blue hour in one of the viepoints above the city center. Overnight in one of the traditional hotels in Yazd.

Pistachios in Iran

Day 10:


Morning photography session in Amir Chaqmak square in Yazd with one of the main landmarks of Yazd. Return to hotel for breakfast and relax. Afternoon visit of the towers of silence and Jameh mosque in the center. Free time in the bazaar area. Dinner and chill out evening with iranian tea and sisha pipes on one of the rooftop cafes in the old town. Overnight in one of the traditional hotels in Yazd.

Kharanaq village in Iran

Day 11:


From Yazd, we depart to travel towards south-east, to the second biggest, but the most beautiful Iranian desert - Dasht-e Lut. Long drive towards Kerman, where we stop for the lunch, ten we proceed towards the north, towards the sand dunes. Here we can experience true desert and photographic motives are all around us. We set up our camp for the night and go for the sunset session. In meantime, our colleges will work on our dinner. We stay whole night in the camp in the desert (equipment will be provided by us) and we can learn some astro photography too. Overnight in the Khaluts.

Iran Desert

Day 12:


In the morning we have a beautiful sunrise session in the Khaluts in the desert. We will try to capture amazing scenery and first morning light will help us to get astonishing images. After breakfast we start driving towards the south. On our way we stop in Rayen, where we walk through the citadel which is one of the biggest made from mud bricks. On the way to the south we stop for a revitalising and relaxed walk in the Shazdeh garden and come to Mahan, where we check in the hotel. In the evening we drive towards Joupar mountains, where we make sunset photography session. Overnight in Mahan.

Citadel in Shiraz, Iran

Day 13:

We start our drive from Mahan towards Shiraz. On the way, we stop for photographing famous fig trees and gardens. As we are crossing the mountains, we get several views and panoramic shots. In the evening we come to Maharloo lake, where we have sunset session. The lake is famous about it's color as in the certain time of the year, the color of the water is pink as a result of red tide algae in the lake. Often, in the summer, the lake is dry, and has beautiful white bedrock.  Overnight in Shiraz.

Pink mosque in Shiraz

Day 14:

In the morning we will capture the light in the best mosque in the country - the Pink mosque. The glass work and the paterns are so amazing with the morning light, coming in the shabestan. After Pink mosque, we will visit the main sights of the town, such as Quran gates, Hafez tomb, Sa'adi tomb and the old Vakil bazaar. In the evening we will visit the Ali Hamze emamzadeh with amazing mirror work inside. After emamzadeh gets illuminated, we can really feel the athmosphere. Overnight in a hotel in Shiraz.


Day 15:

Today we visit the most popular Persian archeological sites in the country. After breakfast, we will drive to one of most sacred places in Iran, Pasargade tomb, the tomb of the Persian emperor Cyrus the Great. After lunch, first we stop at the emperors tombs in Nasht-e Rostam and proceed to the most known historical site in Iran - Persepolis, where we will stay till sunset to capture the amazing history in our frames. Return to Shiraz, end of the tour.