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Dolomites Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival to Venice. Drive towards the Alps. We stop on the way for some lunch. First, we pass Cortina d'Ampezzo and we stop at the fascinating Lake Misurina, where we photograph the famous hotel-like building with Mount Sorapis in the background. The stop is just next to the road towards the Auronzo hut. We continue our way to the Auronzo hut were we park our car on the altitude of 2.344m (7690 ft) under the famous Tre Cime (Three sisters). We continue on foot as we have about 1 hour of easy to moderate walk to forcella Lavaredo where the best photo spot over the Tre Cime is. After sunset we return to the car and have some easy dinner as it will be to late to visit the restaurants at this time of the day. We return to the valley and drive to Cortina d'Ampezzo where we check in at the hotel.




Tre Cime di Lavaredo
Lago Misurina

Day 2: We leave our hotel early and drive up for the sunrise session at Cinque Torri. This rock formation, called "five pillars" is one of the most photographed places in the Dolomites. Surrounded with the flowers, there is a lot of chances and views for different angles. After the sunrise, we return to our hotel for breakfast and enjoy some relaxing time in Cortina. In the afternoon we drive to the nearby Passo Giau for the sunset session. The pass with the overlooking Mount Nouvelau offers fantastic views. We can have a short stroll to the nearby lake for the views over Tofanas and Cinque Torri. After the sunset, we return to Cortina, have some dinner and return to the hotel.




Cinque Torri
Passo Giau

Day 3: We wake up very early as we plan to reach the Lake Antorno before sunrise. This lake has a reflection of Tre Cime and is magical in the blue hour. We have the sunrise session at this small lake. After we finish, we return back to Cortina to have some breakfast. After breakfast we leave the hotel and Cortina towards famous Lake Braies. Walk on the shores of this beautiful and instagram popular lake with wooden boats and reflection of Croda del Becco peak. After stroll, we find a place to have some lunch and we drive west to the main valley towards Bolzano.. Our goal for the evening will be a charming village of Santa Magdalena in Val di Fumes. Sunset session with the lovely baroque church under the sharp ridge of Odle mountains. We will have dinner and stay overnight in one of the local homestays in the area.





Lago Antorno
Val di Funes

Day 4: Morning sunrise session near Santa Maddalena Alta in Val di Funes. After breakfast, we drive to valley of Val Gadena, where we take cable car to reach the peak of Seceda (2.519m/8265ft), which is one of the most favourite places with panoramic views over the Odle mountains. In the afternoon , we will move to the nearby village of Siusi where we will take photograph of St. Valentin church. Amazing baroque church with nice mountain background. Here we have to use the cable car to the plateau of Alpe di Siusi with amazing view over the pastures at the largest plateau in Europe. It is surrounded with amazing mountain chain of Sella and Mount Sassolungo. Dinner and overnight in one of the lodges on the plateau.





Alpe di Siusi

Day 5: Morning session on the main spot for Alpe di Siusi. Let's hope for some mists and soft light to make a magical impact on our photographs. After breakfast, we return to the valley and continue our drive to Passo Pordoi. Under the majestic Piz Boe we might  do a short hike to Col de Rossi  (1 hour - moderate fitness is required) for a panoramic view over the queen Marmolada - the highest mountain of the Dolomites. In the afternoon we continue to the Passo Falzarego, where we take  another cable car to the fantastic mountain hut of Lagazuoi. This hut is probably one with the best views in the whole Alps. We can observe the mountains of Antelao, Pelmo, Civetta, Marmolada and others from the observation deck. This place is a charming place to stay overnight and we will have a privilege to stay here. We catch the last rays over the Dolomites and if the sky will be friendly, a good chance for some milky way shots. Not to mention, they have an amazing food in the hut. Buon appetito!





Day 6: Morning sunrise just in the front of the mountain hut. Not bad eh? Almost effortless, but it might be a bit breezy out here. We are at the altitude of 2,835 metres (9,301 ft), Ater breakfast, we can take some time to relax and pack our things up. Unfortunately, this is our last day. We have to take the cable car to return to the Passo Falzarego. If not too tired, we can have a short hike to Lake Limides (30-45 min, easy) where we can try to capture the reflection of the nearby Tofana di Rozes. In the afternoon, we leave the Dolomites and return to Venice via Belluno. We end the tour with the hope of capturing some memorable photographs and fantastic memories.




Lago di Limides
Passo Falzarego


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