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What kind of tours and workshops do you offer?

The Trips4photos team organises Travel and Landscape photo tours and workshops, which are designed for anyone who has an interest in photography. The tours and workshops are designed to combine travel, relaxation and photography. The tours are prepared as a combination of a photo tour and a workshop, but based on your knowledge and preferences, we can put special emphasis on either of them.

What is the difference between Photography tours, Photography trips and Photography workshops?

Photography tours are several-day tours which will take you to the most iconic places that deserve a place in your portfolio as well as to the charming hidden locations and divine nature, known only to the locals. Photography workshops are designed from an educational point of view and include some tips, tricks, briefings, reviews, post-processing tips and help during the tour itself.

What kind of photographers can join the tour?

We accept anyone with an interest in photography, from beginners to professionals. You can join us with the newest DSLR and a huge bag of equipment or just a simple point-and-shoot camera. You can also bring someone, who is not a photographer, with you. There are plenty of different sightseeing and activity opportunities on the way.

What kind of transport will we use on our tours?

We use different vehicles on our tours, from private cars to vans. They all have A/C and enough space for our luggage and photography gear.

What about the accommodation?

We will mostly spend our nights (until the early wake up for the sunrise photo, of course) in the family-owned guest houses or touristic farms. Sometimes we will take a rest in 3- or 4-star hotels. All the accommodation is carefully chosen from our experience and convenient for reaching the photographical locations  in the area. Where it is possible, they provide Wi-Fi connection. Prices are based on a shared double/twin bedroom basis, unless otherwise stated. We will assist persons requesting a roommate. Single rooms are available on request. As room distribution is specific with each accommodation provider (hotel/guest house/touristic farm), it means that in some cases no single rooms are available, but there will be an option of single use of a double/twin bedroom.

How physically prepared do I have to be for your tours?

Most of the iconic spots that we will be visiting on our tours are next to or close to the road. Some of the spots are within reasonable walking/easy hiking, and some of locations are reachable with car. We can also provide tours to the locations which demand longer walking/hiking, such as Julian Alps Hiking Photography Workshop.

What should I bring with me?

For our photo tours and workshops you will need a camera and a basic lens (optional). It is advised (but not essential) to have a DSLR camera with a wide angle and a tele-photo lens, but not essential. You can also bring your mirrorless or point-and-shoot cameras. A tripod is warmly recommended as well. Apart from camera gear, it is recommended to have some basic outdoor clothing and sturdy hiking shoes.

What do we teach at the workshops?

The Trips4photos team consists of pro-photographers in landscape, travel, wildlife and macro photography. The tours are organised in small groups of maximum 6 people, so we can provide personal approach to our every guest.
The workshops will help you to understand the basics of using your camera, they will help you use and practice the techniques, that are often used in Travel and Landscape photography, and give you advice for the best choice of lenses for different purposes.
The workshop also includes the basic post-processing in the simple image editors and some tips and tricks about post-production in Photoshop and Lightroom. At the end, we will have an evaluation of your best photographs.

Do you have custom-made tours?

Yes, we can organise and lead custom-made tours. If you have some specific places on your bucket list, send us an inquiry and from the experience, we will prepare a program, in which we will try to come as close as possible to your wishes and enrich them with the local spots.

I would like to photograph wild animals. How can I be sure that we will see them?

Our wildlife photography tours are organised in the cooperation with the local hunters. They will take you to the woods and provide detailed instructions how on to act so we can maximise the possibility of seeing the animals. Still, there is no guarantee, that animals will be seen on that day.

What if the weather will be bad?

Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather. We will try our best and adjust the tour schedule to the current weather forecasts. But on the other side, bad weather is just another good opportunity to make some stunning and dramatic photographs.
If you didn't find an answer to your question, please don't hesitate to write us an e-mail.


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