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Year 2020 in images

I believe you agree with me, that this year was different. But that does not mean it was all boring, dull, gray or sad. I believe that many of you discovered things about yourselves, improved your skills and find out about your true desires. Because of the Covid 19 situation, we couldn't run any workshops this year, but that does not mean we forgot about photography. We were researching, developing, educating, and learning new things, all to provide even better workshops and tours in the future. To cheer you up a bit, we would like to show few images that we snapped through this difficult year.

January: We started the year actively with snowboarding. Between the snowstorms there were some beams of light in the front of Jof Fuart (Viš) 2666m.

Beam of light at Jof Fuart

February: The first and only travel of the year. Myanmar. Beautiful country and extremely friendly people. Nice and picturesque landscape with some new limitations. If there will be interest, we might organize a photo tour there. The fishermen on Inle lake are still there.

March: Just before the quarantine started, we used the last days, we could go out in the nature. Nearby mountain named Kranjska reber, was on the list for a while. And we enjoyed wonderful sunset on the top.