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Year 2020 in images

I believe you agree with me, that this year was different. But that does not mean it was all boring, dull, gray or sad. I believe that many of you discovered things about yourselves, improved your skills and find out about your true desires. Because of the Covid 19 situation, we couldn't run any workshops this year, but that does not mean we forgot about photography. We were researching, developing, educating, and learning new things, all to provide even better workshops and tours in the future. To cheer you up a bit, we would like to show few images that we snapped through this difficult year.

January: We started the year actively with snowboarding. Between the snowstorms there were some beams of light in the front of Jof Fuart (Viš) 2666m.

Beam of light at Jof Fuart

February: The first and only travel of the year. Myanmar. Beautiful country and extremely friendly people. Nice and picturesque landscape with some new limitations. If there will be interest, we might organize a photo tour there. The fishermen on Inle lake are still there.

March: Just before the quarantine started, we used the last days, we could go out in the nature. Nearby mountain named Kranjska reber, was on the list for a while. And we enjoyed wonderful sunset on the top.

April: The quarantine started as soon as I returned from Myanmar. Clear weather but air, filled with fear and restrictions. We had to use our creativity to survive. Looking for hidden chocolate in the kitchen.

May: We were able to catch the last moments of winter. The green meadows of Srednji vrh are almost in summer, but the mountains of Martuljek behind are still in deep winter. This tiny house would be a dream home to live at.

May: We wanted to spend as much time outdoors as we could. As soon as the authorities let us go out again, we used every moment of free time to be in the mountains. Sunset on the Mali Snežnik range.

May: May was a beautiful month. On occasion, I was able to capture a classic view of my hometown Kočevje with some magical light touch. Church of St. Bartholomew in the center of Kočevje.

June: It was quite wet June. So, if you can not explore above the ground, why not to explore underground? Testing the flashes and lightning in the cave of Koblarji.

July: The summer evening on the Mangart saddle are always something special. So special, that we plan to do frequent 3 day workshops of Mountain photography up there. Here, just a bit more extreme sunset photograph of the ridge called "Špičje", just over 2000m.

July: Due to travel ban, we organised several workshops with Oskar agency. We had a base in a hotel in Loški potok, where we practice and learn new landscape techniques and postprocessing skills. We visited some nice vistas and famous places, among the local pearls. Image below: Hrib-Loški potok village in the morning mists. Classic view.

August: The greatest hike this year happened in August. Early morning wake up and drive to Italy. Hike for the whole day in the beautiful and remote mountains of Western Julian Alps. This is the view over Altipiano del Montasio.

August: The only storm chase this year. The weather models are getting more and more precised. Unfortunately, when the storm is in position where you wanted it, you are normally sitting at home, too late, too far away or with no time at all. But at least we managed one. It was fun.

September: Another sunset hike to mount Viševnik. This is a very humble 2000-er with nice views over the central part of Julian Alps. Ridge towards Triglav, sunset and heavy storm behind. It did not reach us.

October: Every year, I go to the Laghi di Fusine (Belopeška jezera) to photograph. Every time I can find another perspective. Every time it gets better. The green foreground near upper Lago di Fusine under Mangart north wall freshly covered with snow.

October: Another sunset hike. To Velika Mojstrovka ridge. Snowy conditions, deep breathing, sweating, and an amazing environment. I felt alive at 120%. And one of my favourite images so far with the sun between Jalovec and Mangart mountain. Deep below is Tamar valley.

October: The classical view on the St. Primus church on Jamnik, this time with the close up and fresh snow on Mt. Storžič. This image got crazy high numbers of positive feedback on Facebook groups. Proud.

November: Lockdown and moving towards Kočevsko. Still we had plenty of time to photograph and enjoy the nature. This sunset was special one thanks to the Smoke tree in crazy red in the foreground and great starburst by lens in the background. Pajtlerica at sunset.

November: Another sunset with friend on one of my favourite walls - Loška stena. The colors in the valley due to fog went blue with magenta touch while the sun was setting behind the Risnjak massif in Croatia.

November: Star-trails over the Tito's hunting hut deep in the forests of Kočevsko. The north star guides the way.

December: We got our snow in the beginning of December, which allowed to make a holiday-kind of image of my home town city center. The image is taken with long exposure and 2nd curtain flash at the end to illuminate the snowflakes. Nothing is fake in this image. Rinža and St. Bartholomew church in Kočevje.

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