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TOP TRIPS4PHOTOS shots of 2018

Here is our year in photographs:

Sunrise above Bled lake, Slovenia
The year started with a lack of snow but beautiful colours. Also accompanied with the Ray Masters Camera filters, which added new dimension to our landscape photography. Sunrise above Bled lake in Slovenia. Photo by Nejc.

Hallstatt in the evening.
Researching for our future workshops in the winter. This will be one of our stops in the Salzburg to Venice Workshop. Romantic Hallstatt in the blue light. Photo by Leni.

Krempa, Kočevsko, Slovenija
In meantime, we couldn't keep the wilderness of Kočevska alone. Photo by Vasja.

Jamnik, Slovenia
When winter properly started, there was a lot of snow and mist all around. Fairytale in Jamnik with the church of St. Primus. Photo by Nejc.

Moravian fields
In spring, we were researching Moravian fields, a tuscany-look area in the eastern Czech Republic. Can't wait to have another workshop there in 2019! Photo by Nejc.

A bit different perspective of the Slovenian coast with Piran from under the cliff. Slippery but fantastic part of Slovenian coast. Photo by Nejc

Searching for bears, instead, wild garlic carpet was found. Photo by Vasja.

Triglav National Park
We looked for some dark and dramatic images in the mountains. Not just classic sunsets and sunrises. Storms and rain were our company in the spring. Vršič mountainpass and Julian Alps. Photo by Nejc

Laghi di Fusine.
Slowly, nice weather started. A very early morning in Laghi di Fusine. Reflection was calm as it should be. Photo by Nejc

Animals were all around us this year. A cute butterfly in Kočevska. Photo by Vasja

Ratitovec sunset
Colours after the storm are always crazy. The only gamble is, if the storm will move fast enough and not block the light. Here, the conditions were on our side. Photo by Leni.

Croatia was just amazing this year. Plitvice lakes never dissapoint. This image became a WBPA editors pick of June. Photo by Nejc

Plitvice. Veliki Prštavac
Moody Plitvice. Another Editor's pick, Photo of the day and the most popular photo, this time on F-Stoppers gallery. Photo by Nejc

Šalka vas, Kočevje.
In autumn, the mists started. So did the drone shots. Photo by Vasja

Autumn in the mountains was warm and we were pretty crazy to capture some dramatic scenes. Autumn in Slovenia especially in the Triglav National Park is something which you don't want to miss as a photographer. Photo by Nejc

Kolpska dolina
Beautiful view above the fog from Loška stena. Photo by Vasja

Mordor image of Mt. Mangart above Laghi di Fusine. Autumn. Photo by Nejc

Pajkova mreža v ruju
Colors of the Autumn. Photo by Vasja

2018 was the year, we took plenty of mountain photos. Mt. Jalovec above the clouds. Photo by Nejc

Strma reber
No snow in November. Just roads. And drones. Photo by Vasja

Kočevski gozd
Morning dew in the Kočevska forest made the end of the year great. Photo by Vasja.

Wahiba sands desert
For the end, we discovered more exotic places to travel with photographers. Oman's best desert - Wahiba. Vast dunes and warm, soft morning light. Our 2019 workshops start in April 2019. Leaders: Nejc and Leni. Photo by Nejc.

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