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May 2019 Workshop in Slovenia

It was a cold May. The winter was just around the corner and clients didn't have proper clothes as we didn't expect such cold weather. As well, the weather did not want to cooperate much, but we were still able to capture some markable images with dramatic clouds and reflections and our 8 day traveling around Slovenia got rewarded on the coast with the beautiful capture of the sunset in Piran, where we were able to manage the juxtaposition of the sun setting just behind the bell tower of the St. George church.

Classic locations of Bled, Trenta Valley, Goriska Brda, the coast and Ljubljana did not dissapoint and according to weather, we added some additional ones, where we normally don't go or spend a lot of time at them.

The clients said they never used the tripod and gradient filters so much and it become important part on their gear bucket list.

Here are some images from the last workshop.

Bled lake during the snowstorm.
Bled lake never dissapoints. Even at snow stormy evening.

Vintgar gorge
Starting point of Vintgar gorge with a beautiful whirl.