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How does it look like on our Photo Workshop?

So, you are wondering to go to a Photo Workshop? You don't know how it looks like? Never been on a Photo Workshop before?

Photo Workshops and Tours are basically travels with your photo camera and equipment, where most of the time Photography is the main subject of the day. It is important to know, that there is a difference between Photography Workshop, Photography Tour and Photography Adventures we are organising in different countries. But about this difference, maybe in another blog post soon. This time some Q&A's about our workshops.

What is Workshop?

Photo Workshop is a travel, where next to taking photographs, you also have an instructor, which tries to teach you photography techniques, give you some technical or composition advises, valuates your photographs, shows some post-processing tricks and takes care of every participant. On some of the Workshops, you can also test or borrow the latest Fujifilm cameras or lenses. At Trips4photos, we are a team of experienced travellers and pro-photographers, that are very happy to share some advices and tricks with our participants.