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How does it look like on our Photo Workshop?

So, you are wondering to go to a Photo Workshop? You don't know how it looks like? Never been on a Photo Workshop before?

Photo Workshops and Tours are basically travels with your photo camera and equipment, where most of the time Photography is the main subject of the day. It is important to know, that there is a difference between Photography Workshop, Photography Tour and Photography Adventures we are organising in different countries. But about this difference, maybe in another blog post soon. This time some Q&A's about our workshops.

What is Workshop?

Photo Workshop is a travel, where next to taking photographs, you also have an instructor, which tries to teach you photography techniques, give you some technical or composition advises, valuates your photographs, shows some post-processing tricks and takes care of every participant. On some of the Workshops, you can also test or borrow the latest Fujifilm cameras or lenses. At Trips4photos, we are a team of experienced travellers and pro-photographers, that are very happy to share some advices and tricks with our participants.

Early morning? is early...

Yes, your alarm will ring extremely early. You can wake up and prepare for the session or you can stay asleep. We like to ensure, that our participants are total bosses of their travels. If you don't feel good, you don't want to shoot that place, or it's just not your day, you can easily stay and sleep longer. But you will miss one of the best parts of the day. This is the part of the day when you can get the best and most stunning images. We very carefully prepare all our programs trying to have an interesting sunrise session almost every day.

Came to the place in the darkness, now it's foggy, but it is getting better. What to shoot when it will clear?

Most of our programs include the most photographed and photogenic, if I say famous photography spots like Bled, Soča River, Rovinj, Dubrovnik, Plitvice Lakes, Seceda, Val d'Orcia, Venice, Hallstatt, Moravia and so on, but we also try to look for special pearls, that "normal" photographers don't visit. If you are on our workshop, you will get all the information about the spot, weather and the gear you need in the evening before the session and again in the morning. Photography Guide will, while on place, also show you the photographs, he took on that place before, so you can get the idea what to shoot.

I want an advice right now, won't there be too many people?

Don't worry. We have limited number of people on the workshop. We try to make sure, that every photographer can have help of our guides at any time during the session. As well, we try to provide all the information and briefing an evening before and repeat it again in the morning. Still, our guide will be around you all the time and the most important focus will be to ensure you to get the best photograph possible. Normally the group stays in the general area of shooting, but you are free to stroll around and find your spot and angle to make the shot.

You said it's travel, what about sightseeing?

If possible, we will include some sightseeing on the workshops as well, while on the tours, they will probably be in the program automatically. The best is to ask the photo guide and if possible, he will arrange the sightseeing.

I've heard that trout in Plitvice area is good. I'd like to try Italian pasta on the Italian tour, what about Salzburg Nockerls?

Of course, we taste traditional food on our workshops and tours. The accommodations and the restaurants on the workshop are carefully picked and will provide all variety of food including the most famous dishes of the area we are photographing.

What about shopping? Need to bring some stuff for kids too...

You will have some free time during the workshops and tours as well, normally through the day, when the sunlight is too strong to make some decent photographs. Also we will find some time for coffee, glass of wine or bear if or when needed.

In case you are not sure what/where/who/how on our tours or workshops, you can always contact us on our email anytime. We will try to provide all the detailed information needed.

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