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Best of 2019

Year is coming around once again and soon, there will be 2020. Our year of 2019 was a successful and joyful. It offered a lot of photographic opportunity, workshops, one to one classes and travels. We would like to wrap the year up with the collection of the best 2019 images of this year.

Lynx Lynx
We started the year with some Wildlife photography as we were scouting the Bavarian Forest natural reserve for some lynx, bear and wolf photography. Snowy weather made the images look even better. In 2020 we hope to have a workshop there too.
In spring, wildlife was also in focus. This was an image taken during Brown Bear photography, where in the morning, we used the soft light in nearby pond and stalked some explicit movement of the frogs.
Hlevni vrh
New photos from new locations were in our mind all the time. Hlevni vrh above Logatec was one of those.