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Cruisin' in Oman

One of my recent favourite songs is telling: I'm treading all roads, and there's stories to be told, I tell you it's a beautiful life. And it is. Every day is something special and being away from home is sometimes painful, but on the other side challenging and full with joy, colors and new friends.

Recently I came back from 1 month in Oman. I've been there several times already, and I must say, that this gulf country has a part of my heart, despite being hot and humid. New friends, among the old ones, culture and history, implemented in the modern style with sense, great outdoors of Jebel Akhdar and Jebel Shams, vast sand of the Wahiba desert and I even had an experience of the Al Khaluf Sugar Dunes, which are quite tricky to drive to, but amazing to stay there overnight.

Enough talking, there is a story in images to be told.