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Vasja Marinč

Brown Bear Workshop, Balkan Roadtrip, Slovenia, Czech Republic

Award-winning Macro, Wildlife and Landscape photographer. Almost 20 years of experience in photography, Vasja spent most of his photography career documenting the landscapes of his home region - Kočevsko. First, he started to discover viewpoints and made a panorama project - 3D walk across the region. He felt in love with Kolpa river and the mountains above the upper Kolpa valley and there is no one, who knows the views better than him.

In his photography career, he also successfully developed and mastered macro photography, and for one of his photos of dragonflies, he got the highest Slovenian Photography Award - Puhar Award.

Recently he is also into aerial/drone photography and often photographs interiors. He designs tablet screens with different software for different users.

Vasja is also an official guide of Kočevsko region.

Language: English

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Vasja in action:

Vasja Marinč Photographs

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