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How does the Fujifilm X-A5 works for Travel photography?

Thinking to change your smartphone to a capable photo camera? Then you should read this!

The mirrorless cameras are becoming a big thing in the photography community for the last five years. The competition with the big DSLR-s is huge and a lot of Landscape, Travel and Outdoor photographers changed the gear from the big DSLR systems to smaller, mirrorless cameras. As in the DSLR range, you have different classes of cameras in the mirrorless systems too. Fujifilm is one of the leading manufacturers of the mirrorless gear and has the top flagship class of X-H, X-T and X-Pro models and as well as medium and entry level cameras in which the models X-A line are taking place. The newest one, the X-A5 was with me on the last travel to Iran and thanks to Fujifilm Slovenia, for the opportunity to test this little camera.

The Fujifilm X-A5 is an entry level mirrorless camera with the APS-C sensor of huge resolution of 24,2 MP, which offers you to print images in sizes such as 40-60". The sensor is even slightly bigger by the size from the one in the X-T2, but the resolution is the same. It does not have a viewfinder and all photography and video is done in the live view mode through the screen. It has a big ISO range from 200-12800 and extended to 51000. Electronic shutter can work as fast as 1/32000s and as long as 30 seconds which is a standard in this class of the cameras. It also includes pop-out flash and two knobs on the top, one for the changing of the modes which also include PSAM and classic programs (sport, landscape, night...), and second for adjusting the manual settings. On the top it is also a fn button, which you can manage on your own, I've use it for the ISO settings. On the back it has same system of the buttons as on other Fuji cameras including the button Q to enter in the quick menu. It has a tilting screen with touch screen option of scrolling as well as photographing. It is a very small camera - size is 117mm x 68mm x 40mm (without lens) and it fits in the pocket of the regular cargo pants. The standard package comes with the brand new 15-45mm (zoom 3x) f/3.5-5.6 lens with electrical zoom. All the XC and XF series lenses will work with this camera.