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24 - 28 January 2018

 5 days / 4 nights - 1090 EUR

Booking until 4th of January 2018

Bled, Bohinj, Triglav National Park, Soča Valley


The pearls of Slovenia, this time in the winter cover. Be ready for the white landscape of Slovenian best and most iconic sites. Snowy mountains, amazing views, icy waterfalls, frozen lakes and rivers and much more. We will have to adjust ourselfs and cameras to the weather conditions as well. 


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St.Thomas 3 


9 - 12 March 2018 

4 days / 3 nights - 990 EUR

Booking until 25th of February 2018

Bled, Bohinj, Triglav National Park, Soča Valley, Škofja Loka, Ljubljana


A short trip to the best and most iconic parts of Slovenia. Visit the beautiful landscape, surrounded by the Alps, and make inspirational photographs from the spots that are known only to the locals. Amazing views, untold stories of the villages, friendly people, good food, everything in one place in Slovenia. With us, you can't get lost, you are just exploring around as we know the shortcuts, viewpoints and the light conditions. With us, you will have a chance to create unique images which can inspire others. 

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12 days / 11 nights - send us an inquiry

Rovinj, Plitvice Lakes, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik


Croatia is one of the gems of the south-eastern Europe. It's green forests in a combination of more than thousand islands, turquoise water, sea coasts, waterfalls, Mediterranean fortified cities, great athmosphere and lovely cousine are a perfect mix of experience and relaxed holidays. 1000-year old towns, full of Roman history, divine coastline and amazing photography opportunities for Landscape, Travel, People, Wildlife and Adventure photography make almost a perfect photographic destination. Imagine the sunset in Zadar, where Alfred Hitchcock lost his breath, imagine the blue hour above the historical Dubrovnik town, explore the waterfalls of the Plitvice lakes or just enjoy the drink in the tiny streets of Split. A bit of everything. 


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Ljubljana Photo Walk
Experience Ljubljana with a skilled photographer
4-5 hours (morning or afternoon or both)
69 EUR per person



Short Slovenia Photo Tour
A short trip to the most iconic parts of Slovenia
4 days (3 nights)
990 EUR per person