3 days

Hiking experience in the Western Julian Alps is an unique experience in less known Italian part of the Alps.

The divine wilderness with very rich flora and fauna, sharp ridges and aerial views over the small valleys are one of the unique destinations, which, with few exceptions are not yet crowded. 

During the hiking experience, we will combine activity with photography, where we will focus to create landscape and storytelling images  and will use the scenery to create memorable images, that will stand out as single or as a series of photographs. We will explore new places, covered with the fortresses of the great war, lay in the grass and enjoy the sun and hike on the beautiful viewpoints. During the night, we can practice some astrophotography as the area is doesn't have much light pollution. 


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Laghi di Fusine
Laghi di Fusine

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Morning on the ridge
Morning on the ridge

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Instructors: Nejc Trpin & Leni Ozis

Tuition: 490 EUR

Deposit: 150 EUR

Price includes: tuition, accommodation, breakfast and dinner, transportation, entry fees, parking fees, water.

Price excludes: Transportation to Tarvisio

Group size: 10 people

Level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Fitness level: Moderate to High

Starting and ending point: Tarvisio, Udine


  • Wild peaks of Jof di Montasio and Jof Fuart

  • Beautiful mountain pasture of Pecol

  • Valleys of Dogna and Saisera

  • Sharp ridges and great views

  • Hiking and adventure photography

  • Join a group of same-minded photography and active people

  • Learn specific image post-processing during the workshop



Day 1:

Our meeting point will be in Tarvisio. We will check the gear and drive to the mountain pasture of Pecol. In the afternoon, we will hike up the ridge for a crazy scenery and have sunset session there. We will return to the valley for dinner and staying overnight. 


Day 2:

In the morning, we will catch sunrise in one of the valleys. We will proceed to Sella Nevea and have a hike to the Rifugio Corsi. In the afternoon, we will hike on the ridge to capture beautiful sunset over the Alps. Return to Rifugio Corsi, dinner and overnight. We can practice astrophotography towards the mountains of Kanin on the other side of the valley.


Day 3:

Early morning in the area of rifugio Corsi, we will find a nice place for the sunrise. After breakfast, we will descend to the valley. When we reach the car, we will drive to the valley of Dogna for some nice picturesque mountain villages. In the afternoon, we will return to the Sella Nevea area and wait for the sunset near Lago di Predil.


Programs vary on itinerary due to the area we are going. On the calendar, there are two different options and the itinerary, written above not necessary include all the places we will cover. 

We also prepare other hikes, but are not available yet.

The itinerary can change due to weather situation or other natural hazard on which unfortunately we do not have any influence. It also depends on the fitness level of clients.


#1 Workshop

Western Julian Alps

29/6/22 - 31/6/22

€ 490